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Jumbie and Jumbo open the show.

Jumbie and Jumbo kicked off this year’s Carnival Day at the morning opening ceremonies while junior counselors and sports staff worked diligently to set up all of the games and prize tables. The carnival was spread over the Mini and Junior Sports Fields and contained over 25 different events and games for the campers to participate in.

“I thought that popping balloons was a lot of fun.” said Katie of the Chipmunks. “It was funny to watch other campers try to pop their balloons.” Senior camper, Daniel really enjoyed “Coke and Pepsi”. Campers were given a small cup full of Coke and Pepsi soft drinks and had to identify them correctly . “It was easy for me. Pepsi tastes sweeter then Coke.” said Daniel.

The Hershey Kiss Challenge!

“Getting through the whipped cream to get the Hershey Kiss was hands down the most fun of the morning”, said Jack of the Panthers. Jack participated in the event with his brother Cael and fellow camper, Eddie. With faces full of whipped cream, Jack came out the winner getting to his kiss before everyone else.

“Jumbie was my favorite.” Said junior camper, Clarissa. “He got taller when we all had fun.” Jumbie announced on stage in the morning that he’d get taller if the kids had fun. A lot of fun! It was no surprise for campers to see Jumbie as tall as ever! Jumbie was so tall he held onto the light post outside the gym and entertained campers with his crazy dance moves and great sense of humor.

The Butterflies show off their painted faces.

When we asked the Butterflies what their favorite activity of the day was, there was no hesitation. “Face painting!” they all yelled. Each of the campers adorned their hands and faces with polka dot butterflies in every color of the rainbow.

Overall, the top favorite of the day could be summed up in one word. “Prizes”. Lots and lots of prizes! Campers earned tickets at each carnival booth and later cashed them in for an assortment of prizes. From silly string to batons and bouncy balls…every camper earned a prize. It was a great day!

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